Ever wondered if you might be highly sensitive?

Well, here are some of the signs that you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP) …

  1. Criticised for being ‘Too sensitive’

You may have been told that you are “too sensitive” or asked to ‘grow a thicker skin’ your whole life. You may also have strangers on a bus telling you their life stories. You’re not too sensitive, you’re highly sensitive, and this means that you can pick up on nuances and subtle information about people and your environment that others are unaware of.

  1. Atmosphere sensitivity

You can sense the mood in a room or the vibe of a place, sometimes feeling uncomfortable or uneasy in certain environments. If there has been an argument, you can sense it.

  1. Emotions that aren’t yours

You may feel sudden strong emotions or physical sensations that ‘don’t belong to you’, and sometimes you may even have thoughts that feel unfamiliar or confusing. You may feel dizzy, or find your chest tightening whilst you’re around others and feel anxious too. You may have strong somatic empathy for others, literally feeling their pain. 

  1. Intuitive insights

You have a knack for sensing the unsaid feelings and motivations of others, even if they are trying to hide them. You may have been called paranoid for this or an overthinker, but usually your hunches turn out to be true.

  1. Unofficial counsellor

People may naturally gravitate towards you for advice and guidance, as you are seen as a great listener and empathetic friend. You sense the pain or suffering of others and are often moved to help, but you may find yourself drained because of it and needing space.

  1. Helping others

You feel a sense of duty to help others and may even want to absorb their pain to take it away from them. This may lead you into tricky relationships with toxic or narcissistic personalities as you just want to help. 

  1. Mediator

You have a talent for being the mediator and peacemaker, understanding the point of view and experiences of both sides. People may seek your advice for this reason or your support in challenging situations.

  1. Precognition

You may have strangely accurate precognitive experiences, such as sensing when something is about to happen before it does. This may come to you in dreams or even just a sense of knowing.

  1. Need for alone time

You need to retreat and recharge on your own, even if you love being around people. Because of all the information you’re picking up on, on a subtle level, this can become draining or overwhelming. Time alone helps you to process and refill your batteries.

  1. Nature lover

You have a strong connection to nature and find solace and grounding in the great outdoors. Nature is very soothing and brings you harmony. It can help you feel spacious again when you retreat.  


If you would like to read more about being Highly Sensitive you can visit Nicole Drummond’s blog to learn about the importance of boundaries for HSP’s, the reasons you you might be struggling with anxiety and overwhelm, as well as some reflections on your sensitivity superpowers as a HSP.  Nicole is an EFT therapist, intuitive healer and coach for Highly Sensitive people and you can visit her website here.

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