We are intrinsically connected to the natural ebb and flow of nature and tuning into these natural rhythms can help us tune into our own internal cycles and give us a better knowledge of self. However, it’s hard to stay connected to nature and ourselves in a world that is so busy and keeps our minds so full of tasks and duties. To find that time to stop and connect not only to our breath and sense of being, but to a simple breeze caught in the leaves. The earth’s pulse. We are connected and sustained by nature in ways we aren’t even consciously aware of. So how can we become more aware and  strengthen this connection? 

The Soil to Soul Project

Soil to Soul is an empowering nature and heart based community project that connects us to ourselves, others and the natural world around us. This project allows us to build and strengthen our  connection with the earth  through nature-based activities, throughout the seasons of the year.

This project is shared as an uplifting source of support for people who feel impacted by current societal challenges, such as isolation, stress and overwhelm, alongside financial pressures and lack of access to nature.

Gatherings will include invitations for:

  • Embodied movement, dance, conscious connection to breath and stillness
  • A community sharing circle
  • Shared community meal around the fire
  • Opportunities to learn and practise land-based skills
  • Crafting with natural materials
  • Identifying and foraging plants and herbs


The project is run and hosted by Shona Sundhari from Buzzards and Worms, and Amy Woods from SoulShine.

Shona will be weaving her passion and wisdom of how we can cultivate stronger connections to the natural world by looking at nature with a mirror to see how it can inspire and support us in our lives. Amy will be sharing her love and experience of confidence-building alongside offering holistic wellbeing embodiment practices.

The inspiration for this project comes from Shona and Amy’s shared heart-led desire to bring people together to nurture connections to themselves, their community and the natural world around them.

People tend to benefit the most by coming to multiple events and regularly connecting with the community and garden throughout the seasons. However, this isn’t always possible so participants are also welcome to come along to individual sessions.

The project is taking place at Marlpit community garden in Norwich and the sessions will run monthly from April 2023 – February 2024, with an invitation to join a monthly online Zoom call, and an optional Facebook group and Whatsapp group to stay connected and anyone over the age of 18 is welcome.

If you have any questions about Soil to Soul you can contact Amy and Shona at amy@soulshinenorfolk.org.uk


Words by Amy & Heather

Connecting people.

Connecting people to nature.

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