To begin your journey to feeling good we would like to invite you to ask yourself these 3 questions – 

How am I feeling?

Identify how it is you are feeling, for example it might be that you are anxious, stressed, exhausted, tense, in pain.

How do I want to feel?

Identify how it is you’d prefer to feel, perhaps you’d like to feel calm, energised, focused, in less or no pain.

What is one thing I can do that will help me to feel like that?

Choose one activity that will take you one step towards the way you want to feel, for example this could be moving your body in a way that you enjoy, connecting with a friend, walking in nature, painting a picture, writing a poem, booking a massage.

Often when we are feeling stuck in feeling unwell, whether that be physically, mentally, and / or emotionally, then it can be challenging to find a way to shift ourselves out of this space.

Finding a solution may feel out of reach or taking ‘big’ action can feel too overwhelming.  

By doing this simple check in above, we can take control and remind ourselves that, through small steps, we can notice a difference.

We may then feel encouragedto continue to make the next step, and the next…until we find ourselves experiencing better wellbeing and able to enjoy life more.

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