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We’re excited to share some invaluable insights to help you foster body positivity during the vibrant summer months. Life coach Cathy Eden shares her wisdom on how to challenge societal beauty standards and celebrate the uniqueness of your body. By replacing self-criticism with self-compassion and focusing on activities that bring you joy, you can make the most of this season and cherish your body for the incredible vessel it is.

Be kind to yourself and challenge the unrealistic beauty standards promoted by society. Who decides how bodies should look? All bodies are beach bodies! See if you can replace self-criticism with self-compassion. Celebrate your body’s uniqueness and remember that you are more than just your appearance— your body is the vessel that carries you through your life’s experiences.

Do more of the things you care about this summer, rather than focusing on your body’s appearance. Choose activities that bring you joy and help you feel fulfilled, whether it’s swimming, walking, or simply relaxing in the park. Embrace the pleasure of these experiences because they matter to you.

Stay present in the here and now. When you notice negative thoughts about your body, acknowledge them, and see if you can allow them to pass by instead of getting caught up in them. Direct your attention instead to the beauty of nature around you, the activities you’re engaged in, the sound of waves crashing, or the feeling of sand beneath your toes. 

Cathy explains “by integrating these simple yet powerful tips into your life, you can begin to nurture a more positive relationship with your body. Your body is precious, and you are worthy of enjoying all the season has to offer.” 

Embrace Self-Acceptance: Insights from Norfolk Yoga Therapy, Georgina Huggins

Georgina Huggins, a leading figure in Norfolk Yoga Therapy, guides us towards a deeper relationship with ourselves. In a world often critical and demanding, Georgina emphasizes the significance of self-acceptance. Through practicing self-compassion and becoming our own best friend, we can develop an inner voice that is nurturing and supportive. Georgina’s words serve as a reminder that embracing all aspects of ourselves is the key to unlocking a profound sense of contentment.

“Throughout our lives, there is one person who is by our side, through thick and thin, no matter what. When everyone else comes and goes, one person remains – ourselves. Unfortunately, the relationship we have with ourselves is often far from nurturing. We are overly critical, setting unattainable standards, and miss the opportunity to be our own best friend, our greatest ally.

This unfortunate reality can be changed. In any moment we can make the choice to be kind to ourselves. We can switch the narrative and start to develop an inner voice that is supportive, caring and compassionate. We can cheer ourselves on and feel safe and content in our own skin.

Practicing self-compassion is essential to improving our relationship with ourselves, although it may seem challenging at first. Through the work I do helping people build a better relationship with themselves, I have found self-acceptance to be a vital first step in this journey. Embracing all parts of ourselves removes resistance, we stop fighting ourselves.

To begin your daily practice of self-acceptance find a quiet, comfortable space. Become aware of your feet and slowly move your awareness up through your body. As you go, notice every place in your body, let each part of you know it is accepted. Welcome and fully accept each new sensation, feeling, or thought. If resistance arises then accept that and carry on. Notice what happens when you allow yourself to be as you are, without attempting to change anything.”

Listen to Your Body: Wisdom from Kerry Dolan Hypnotherapy 

In a society that prioritizes schedules and conventions, Kerry Dolan Hypnotherapy reminds us of the innate wisdom within our bodies. The practice of intuitive eating can transform the way we nourish ourselves by bringing more awareness to how and when we eat. Kerry also guides us on the art of mindful eating, encouraging us to savor each bite and listen to our body’s signals of satisfaction.

From an early age, we are taught to ignore our bodily cues in favour of scheduled toilet breaks, mealtimes, working hours and even designated holidays for rest time. Whilst there is more of a leaning towards on demand feeding for babies these days, parents used to be encouraged to get their babies into a four hourly routine, teaching them, from birth, to override their own needs in favour of convention. 

The inevitable result of all of this is that we learn to ignore the wisdom and guidance of our bodies. 

One of the simplest and most effective tools that my clients use is the question: ‘am I

We so often eat for reasons other than hunger. We eat because we’re happy. We eat
because we’re sad. We eat because it’s mealtime. We eat because it’s polite. We eat
because we’re bored.
Asking that simple question before you eat can bring awareness to the differences between emotional hunger and physical hunger.
Another simple but powerful tool at your disposal is to listen to your body and recognise when you’re sated. Eating slowly allows food the twenty minutes it needs to travel to the stomach so that you can stop eating before you feel uncomfortably full. 

Your body has all the wisdom you need to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. You just need to learn to listen.”

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Feel Good Norfolk is your partner in navigating life’s challenges with grace and mindfulness. We invite you to explore the insights shared by these esteemed specialists and begin incorporating their advice into your daily life. By embracing body positivity, self-acceptance, and intuitive eating, you can embark on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness. Your wellbeing matters, and Feel Good Norfolk is here to guide you every step of the way.

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