Joy is a wonderful feeling and we all deserve to feel it, but how do we open to more joy in our life and what are the pitfalls to this?

I think we can all be forgiven for assuming there are no pitfalls and joy is great! Yes, it is really great, but I am also very aware of what happens when we reach too hard for it. I see it in clients, I see it in my peers and I see it in myself…which tells me, loud and clear, that it is a part of our human journey to learn how to open to joy, instead of push for it, and also discover what our own unique recipe of joy is.

One of the most important things I have found is the power of grounding this joyful energy as it comes in and not clinging to it too tightly, afraid that it won’t last. Spoiler alert, it won’t, but it will come again and the softer and less tense we are the more often it will visit. What if joy is just energy that is meant to weave and dance with all those other strands, like grief, fear, confusion, hope. When joy comes up it can be very tempting to jump on the mighty wave and ride it to the top, only to come crashing down and off our board. Ouch!

It has been my journey to do just this! That hyper adrenal energy, excited with an edge of anxiety, that feels quite alive but is not sustainable. I know it well. Perhaps you do too? I believe it is necessary to ground this feeling and resist the temptation to ride the wave too high. Sure, we deserve to have some fun and enjoy the surf, but we can do this with more grace and awareness, so we glide down instead of crash. When we ground the joy, we can sustain it and open to more healthy joyful moments.

Sometimes we reach and push for the happiness and don’t want to look at the heavier emotions. We are prone to spiritual bypassing and a forced positivity, and there is no shame in it, we all do it. We just want to feel good! As many wise people have said, we have to feel the rain to feel the sun, and perhaps joy is the biggest sunrise there is! To find our joy we need to turn towards our shadow parts and help them move and flow, so we can open to that golden expansion.

Over the years I have learnt to ground my expansive emotions, with the intent for more balance and less extreme highs and lows. Qigong and Tai Chi bring me into my body and help me move slowly, and walking in nature is always a great reset. Hypnosis helps me to let go of the tension and sink into my deeper self. I also use EFT tapping to feel and release the heavy and clear space for the lighter joy filled emotions, remembering that they will all come and go, if I surrender enough to let them.

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