Here in Norfolk we are lucky enough to be enveloped in the beauty of the natural world. As we look around and take a cue from nature, she has withdrawn. The plants after their cycles of budding, flowering and producing seed. Are focusing on preparing their roots and bulbs to  burst back into life when the warmer weather comes.

For us this time is all about nurture too. Maybe with a  gentle detox after the overindulgence of the festive season; too many late nights, too many delicious sugary treats and perhaps a few too many Christmas cocktails! 

Tuesday Simmonds from Wombon – – offers her wintery tips –

Burn herbs to clear your home of any viruses or bacteria lingering in the air. In field hospitals during WW1 herbs, such as Sage and Thyme, were burned to stave off infection from the wounded soldiers. If you prefer, essential oils can be used, though I enjoy the ritual of smudging with dried herbs.

Drink cleansing teas or tisanes to help remove the build-up of toxins in the body – nettle leaf is a wonderful blood cleanser and rich in minerals.  Rose hips are high in vitamin C, more so after a frost as the plant is trying to create the best nutrients for the seeds for when the hips fall to the ground.

Take rejuvenating baths – Marigold is an immune stimulant and it soothes dry itchy winter skin, as well as reduces swollen lymph glands. Eucalyptus will support the lungs. Hops will induce a deep luxurious sleep along with relaxing the blood vessels to allow better circulation.  Rosemary is deeply cleansing and enhances the memory, though this would be better for a morning bath as it is stimulating.

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