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Founded by wellbeing practitioner, Sarah Groves, we’re a not-for-profit which aims to improve the health of people in Norfolk by connecting them with wellbeing businesses.

When it comes to you and your wellness business though, there’s so much more to it than that.

Being in the same room as other Feel Good practitioners has a certain kind of Feel Good energy about it! Each time I’ve attended a gathering, it has felt like a peaceful and easy collaboration of like minded, heart led, therapeutic individuals that really appreciate and value what each other has to bring to the table. It’s a wonderful thing!

Hayley Bedington, The Stable Space

Feel Good Norfolk is exactly what you need as a small business owner in a rural area. It allows you to connect to like-minded people and to bounce around ideas with others rather than doing it all alone. They put on amazing workshops with a fantastic blend of people who are knowledgeable, professional and really understand the wellness industry. I have met my now coach, Emily Wilder, and marketing specialists Gabriella and Matt Walker through FGN. Everything FGN does is amazing. I always walk away from all the events and workshops feeling inspired.”

Tom Sutton, Saunabox

I participated in the AI training workshop. The presentation was relaxed, fun and really well-delivered and has proved to be incredibly valuable. The workshop provided me with practical tools that I could immediately apply, and since then, I’ve been playing with these and actively using them with great enjoyment. The free training offered by Feel Good Norfolk is not only a fantastic opportunity but also highly relevant and beneficial for well-being practitioners and entrepreneurs like myself.

I feel like this training has significantly enhanced my time management skills, and is helping me to write content for my Socials so much more quickly, which is proving to be a really valuable asset in my work. Connecting with other practitioners during the workshops is great, allowing me to share insights and establish connections within the community. I truly appreciate the opportunity provided by Feel Good Norfolk. Thank you so much for this enriching and valuable experience.”

Zoe Grasso, Coaching

At my first Feel Good Norfolk meet up I found the warm welcome so nourishing, friendly and supportive. I left feeling uplifted and my cup refilled! What a gift to have this community of likeminded wellness practitioners to gather with, to share experiences, joys and concerns, and support each other. So happy to have connected!

Haley, Singing Mamas Norwich

I thoroughly enjoyed the Feel Good Business Retreat Day and loved meeting so many wonderful people, all within the wellbeing space! I honestly feel so nourished and whole now. Every single person was so inspiring, and I just feel as though I have found a tribe to be a part of, and that means so very much to me. Sometimes it is difficult and lonely navigating working alone, and to have found some truly fab people who understand and can offer insights is just such a blessing!

Victoria Rose Pilates

I moved to Norfolk at the end of May 2023 and started to look for organisations that would be able to help me network. I came across Feel Good Norfolk and I thought for the small membership fee it was very good value for money. What I didn’t expect was all the connections and the friendships that I have made along the way.

I went to the first in-person retreat day, where I met Tom from Saunabox and a few other people as well – Tess from Norwich Yoga Central and Emily from Amber Bear, who did the entrepreneur aspect of that morning. I then hooked up with Emily who helped me with my financial forecasts.

Another online event was done around marketing, which is where I met Gabriella, and she then helped me set up my podcast and do my podcast marketing for that and we’ve developed a really strong relationship with regards to that aspect of work.

There was then another networking event that I went to which was the entrepreneurs paddle boarding, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What Feel Good Norfolk did for me whilst I was new in Norfolk and I didn’t know anybody, was to give me a deep sense of belonging; forming friendships and connections that not only helped me personally, but also helped me in a business capacity as well.

I highly recommend joining the Feel Good Network for just the nominal £25 a month. It’s such good value for money, especially with the in-person and online workshops that are available. The in-person gatherings that you can go to can honestly change a person’s life, which is what it did for me.

Julie White, Pelvic Health Educator

As a young business and new member I came with no expectations going into the session and it was such a beautiful learning space, it really was helpful. It was lovely to see Sarah and Emily there but also to connect with some of the FGN network. I learnt a lot in a short space of time and feeling my way into a new community felt so natural and supportive and that was down to the space created by FGN and those in the room.

Fai De Main, The Fai Method

I heard about Feel Good Norfolk and loved the ethos, I wanted to find out more about what’s available locally to help myself with my own wellbeing and mental health challenges as well as be able to signpost my clients and participants to other service providers. I have loved all my interactions with Feel Good Norfolk and the networking groups and found it a really beneficial resource to have and be part of. I’d recommend it to anyone working within the wellbeing and alternative therapies area.

Dudley Garner, Up The Tempo

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