The Feel Good Story

Meet Sarah

Founder and director of Feel Good Norfolk, Sarah Groves, grew up in Norfolk and has worked as a wellbeing practitioner since 2009.

Sarah is a fertility and maternity trained reflexologist, specialising in women’s health, as well as a certified postnatal doula. Alongside her clinic treatments, she also works closely with new parents helping to develop unique strategies for transitioning into parenthood more gently, offering support, guidance, and nurturance.

Sarah’s Story

After 10 years of practicing part time as a wellbeing practitioner, in 2019 I took the scary and daunting step of transitioning into full time.

I was very aware of needing to connect with other wellbeing practitioners to find out what other services and products were available to my clients. I wanted to create my own hub, my own network, so that I could refer to different practitioners and they could also refer to me. I felt the importance of building that awareness and connection amongst the business community.

I then realised that there wasn’t a resource in Norfolk where people could easily find us. There are individual resources such as governing bodies and associations where you can be added to their website. For example, if someone’s specifically looking for reflexology, they could go to the AOR website, search Norwich and find me. But I wanted to build something that was specifically for Norfolk and for all wellbeing – to really bring everyone together – to bring wellness together.

Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies, says that we need to make it easy for people to find us, and also make it easy for those that love us to promote us. Because that is so much more effective, comfortable and encouraging than us promoting ourselves. So essentially, that’s what I wanted to create – a space where people can easily find the wellbeing businesses of Norfolk, and to build a community where we start to make connections and conversations. Our fellow wellness experts will then know what we offer, and they become the people who love what we do and go on to share this with others. After all, a collective of voices is much louder than just one voice. Collaborations are much stronger than working in competition.

That was the beginnings of the idea. There’s been lots of stops and starts and various things such as a pandemic, financial challenges and my own personal wellbeing disrupting the progress along the way. Because it has been tough. Creating a business like this was totally new to me. I was a reflexologist, that’s what I was confident doing.

I discovered that creating and managing a business is difficult, so I thought others must be having a similar experience. The more conversations I had the more I found this to be true. That’s when it became more than building a network. It also became about how we do the business stuff. How to make that bit easier, simpler and less daunting so that we can focus on the part we are passionate about. How to create a sustainable business that makes enough money so we can keep doing what we love and those we work with can continue to benefit.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

-Margaret J. Wheatley

Meet the Team

Since our inception in 2019, we’ve grown and evolved to excitingly now being a team of 5 incredible people who are all so passionate about continually developing Sarah’s vision and making Feel Good Norfolk bigger and better every single day.

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