Cromer 1930. Dr Edward Bach, Harley Street doctor, bacteriologist and researcher arrives in town with a dream to find simple, natural remedies that will improve his patients’ wellbeing.

Dr Bach was ahead of his time in recognising that thoughts and feelings affect the physical body, and he believed that nature had the power to restore wellbeing. He developed the Bach Flower Remedies from his understanding of the mind-body link and his research into the healing qualities of flowers.

He treated patients successfully for all kinds of issues by choosing flower remedies that matched how they were thinking and feeling. When his patients felt angry and prickly he found that the remedy he’d made from holly flowers helped them feel less defensive. When his patients felt hopeless, the bright yellow gorse flowers restored their inner light. Over 90 years later, the Bach Flower Remedies are now used by millions of people worldwide to support them with the everyday challenges of life as well as for longer term issues that affect their wellbeing. 

The Secret to Using Bach Flower Remedies Successfully?

Each Bach Flower Remedy relates to a particular emotional or mental state, so choose the remedies that best match how you’re currently thinking and feeling. Is your confidence at a low? Try Larch. Busy mind that’s always whirring? Try White Chestnut. Worrying about money, health or visiting the dentist? Try Mimulus. Nervous about difficult conversations? Try Agrimony.

Feeling the winter blues? Take Mustard if your gloom comes and goes for no reason, Gorse for hopelessness, Sweet Chestnut for deep despair, Gentian if you feel despondent and pessimistic, or Wild Rose if you have zero motivation. You can take up to 8 Bach Flower Remedies at a time.

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