In this comprehensive blog post, we have thoughtfully curated and shared 15 fantastic ways to feel amazing and make the most out of this summer season. Whether you prefer some quality alone time to recharge your mind and body, or you are seeking delightful experiences with your friends, family, or even your kids, we’ve got you covered with a diverse range of exciting suggestions that will surely uplift your spirits and create unforgettable memories. Get ready to embrace a summer filled with joy, relaxation, and happiness!


Activities For A Self Care Summer

Summer Yoga – in studio & online

Keep your practice going, whatever is lined up for you this summer. Lou’s sessions are inspired by Polarity yoga and Ayurveda, to keep you feeling mobile, strong and happy this summer. The morning sessions are the perfect way to get your energy flowing for the day. Each week you’ll also receive a meditation, yoga nidra or visualisation. All sessions will be recorded and available to you throughout the summer. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

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Track your menstrual cycle and get to grips with mastering each stage of your cycle  

The seismic shifts in our hormonal profile every month and throughout our life spans are carefully designed to support us in our reproductive role. At times, they domesticate us, soothing us like the mother’s little helpers of the natural world. They encourage us to nurture and care for our families (or friends, colleagues and projects) and dosing us up for much of the month to make that easier (you may well recognise the withdrawal effects of these drugs as their levels drop dramatically in the lead up to your period, lifting the rose tinted veil on your life – an opportunity to check in). Dedicate time to know your cycle so you can schedule in things into your summer calendar that match your mood and energy.

Read more here


Groove with Amy

There’s something absolutely magical about dancing to your favourite music in the outdoors, especially in the golden hour as the sun starts to sink lower in the sky.

It’s that feeling of wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t-care freedom and euphoria that Amy Woods is bringing to Norfolk’s beaches and parks.

To find out about forthcoming Beach Grooves on the Norfolk coast and park sessions follow SoulShine on their Instagram

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Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage

Indulge in a rejuvenating and blissful experience with a soothing deep tissue massage. Let the skilled hands of a trained professional release tension and stress, targeting the deepest layers of muscle to provide ultimate relaxation and relief. Treat yourself to this luxurious self-care practice and feel the rejuvenating benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Book at CMT here or at The Space here

Harness the power of Sankalpa

In the vast realm of yoga and meditation, the Sanskrit term “sankalpa” holds a profound significance. Translated as an affirmation or intention, sankalpa represents a powerful tool that can be utilised to manifest positive changes in our lives. Research on the power of sankalpa, intention setting, and affirmation provides valuable insights into the transformative effects of these practices. Moreover, understanding what happens in our brains when we use positive affirmations over negative thoughts sheds light on the neurological processes underlying their effectiveness. 

Read more about how here

Activities With Friends

Yoga with friends

Why not gather your friends and head to Lynn’s yoga class? For just £6, you can treat a friend to a rejuvenating yoga session and come together for a refreshing day focused on wellbeing. Take the opportunity to unwind, strengthen your body, and nourish your mind with this amazing offer! Don’t miss out on this chance to experience the benefits of yoga together while enjoying each other’s company.

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Organise an empowerment photoshoot

Plan an empowering and empowering women’s photoshoot this summer, celebrating the strength, resilience, and accomplishments of women from all walks of life! Capture the spirit of empowerment through stunning visuals and stories that inspire. It’s time to showcase the incredible achievements and aspirations of yourself in a truly empowering way.

Read more about the benefits of an empowerment photoshoot here

Shine your Summer Sun

Come and radiate your joy and playfulness in this afternoon workshop with Cat at Norwich Yoga Central You’ll be drawing on the Chinese medicine seasons, summer and late summer, where you’ll ground into the beautiful earth energy, then tap into the stomach and spleen channels before gently opening your heart centre, giving time for self-love and gratitude before radiating your love and inner sun outward towards others.

A perfect summer mini retreat on the 22nd July, just what’s needed at the start of the summer holidays! 

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Activities With Family

Make Natural Hay Fever Remedies Together

Hay fever sufferers can use natural home remedies to help manage their symptoms and still have a smashing summer. Create your own at-home remedies together.

Read more here

Beach day – luxury style!

Have a picnic at the beach with a blow-up pool for a luxury beach day. That blow up pool from last year? Dust it off and give it a new life! You could bring wine, books, doughnuts, finger food and cosy blankets and cushions. Don’t forget to bring something, (add commas) like a wooden square, so you have something to put your drinks on, to avoid them falling over! 

Book a retreat

Thompson Hall is the perfect place to hide away from the world, rediscover nature and spend time recharging your energy under the canopies of mature trees in King Edward VIII Wood, and star gaze in their wood fired hot tubs.

The shepherd huts are nestled among copious trees overlooking neighbouring arable land and the Norfolk wildlife trust. The Spa lodges are enclosed with your own private spa areas. 

Learn more here

Mindfully cook an Ayurvedic recipe together

This summer, engage in a mindful experience together by cooking a delicious Ayurvedic recipe. Explore the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda as you prepare and savour wholesome, nourishing ingredients that are not only beneficial for our bodies but also promote balance and well-being. 

Jodey Simmonds has some tasty, healthy recipes for you to try here

With The Kids

Have a crystal day with your kids and discover the magic through their eyes

Add a summertime garden crystal day to your calendar – filled with joy and wonder as you spend quality time with your kids, exploring the world and uncovering the enchantment that lies in every moment. Embrace the magic in their wide-eyed wonder and create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn more about experiencing crystals with kids here

Make moon dough

Easy recipe for cheap and fun creative play for your little ones: Make 1/4 conditioner 3/4 corn starch and mix – you’ve got some dough that can be a cheap way for your kids to have a play! Add some food colouring if you’d like to create a full set of homemade play dough.

Save the animals day

Let your child feel like a hero and set up ways for them to save the animals. From sticking toy bugs to masking tape and letting them set them free, to finding animal toys in sand – it’s a fun way to get them off their screens. Make it extra gratifying with a tick list of the animals they’ve freed!

Let us know which one of these summer ideas is your favourite and tell us your favourite summer wellbeing activities. 

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